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World Peace Through Entrepreneurship

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World Peace Through Entrepreneurship

International entrepreneurship ecosystem development

Koltai & Company LLC designs and manages programs to spur entrepreneurship around the world. We are a team of consultants drawn from the worlds of startups, business, banking, and international development. KolCo is led by Steven Koltai, whose approach towards entrepreneurship development is captured in Peace Through Entrepreneurship (Brookings Press, 2016).

Why entrepreneurship development?

Entrepreneurship is the single biggest driver of job creation and growth in any economy, which in turn are the underpinnings of political stability and healthy societies. In the U.S., young firms – not large corporations – account for net job creation, while in emerging markets small- and medium-sized businesses account for 97 percent of all jobs. Whether it is helping post-conflict states recover, reigniting growth in stagnant economies, or uncovering new investment opportunities, entrepreneurship development plays a critical role.

Robust entrepreneurial ecosystems contribute additional benefits to communities, including increased commercialization of innovation, which can be harnessed to address pressing social problems. Entrepreneurship provides new opportunity, creating pathways for social mobility and thereby empowering disenfranchised groups and including them in the benefits of growth.

The Six + Six Entrepreneurship Ecosystem Model

KolCo’s strategy for entrepreneurship development rests on the premise that no single factor alone moves entrepreneurship forward. Rather, entrepreneurs thrive when multiple sectors and actors consciously work together to develop a supportive environment for entrepreneurship. We believe that only through this comprehensive, holistic approach can true progress toward a healthy entrepreneurship ecosystem be achieved.

Our work

To learn more about KolCo's work in entrepreneurship promotion and how we strengthen entrepreneurship ecosystems, please visit the About and Clients & Partners pages of our website. You can catch up on KolCo news and commentary in our Notebook of blog posts. And we welcome queries about collaboration, consulting, and employment via our Contact page, where you can also sign up for the KolCo Newsletter.