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Steven Koltai teaching entrepreneurship course at Tufts University

KolCo Managing Director Steven Koltai will be at Tufts University in Medford, Massachusetts, this fall teaching a new course entitled "Peace Through Entrepreneurship." The goal of the class is to examine how entrepreneurship – a term typically associated with private sector innovation – can be used “in the service as foreign policy” as a tool to address one of the core causes of violence: joblessness.

Based on his book, Steven's course broadly explores the economic and many ancillary benefits of entrepreneurial activity (e.g. job creation, upward mobility for women, girls, and those not born to privilege); how such activity can be deliberately stimulated via an ecosystem approach (e.g. incubator and mentorship programs and other technical assistance in addition to funding); and the key actors implicated in leveraging entrepreneurship as a tool for peace (e.g. governments, multi-lateral donors, private foundations).

To start the semester, Steven will be giving a related talk open to the public, "Start Ups, Security & Social Change," on Tuesday, September 26, at 12:30pm in room 703 of Tufts's Cabot Intercultural Center. RSVPs are requested.

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