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KolCo advising Caribbean animation industry

KolCo is currently implementing components of Compete Caribbean, a co-financing program for CARIFORUM countries established by the Inter-American Development Bank, the UK’s Department for International Development, the Government of Canada, and the Caribbean Development Bank. Compete Caribbean aims to increase the standard of living and enhance the competitiveness of the 15 independent CARIFORUM countries through a broad range of programming – all by examining the ways in which public and private sector funders may promote innovation, productivity, sales, and sustainability in key Caribbean clusters and value chains.

KolCo is working specifically on supporting the Caribbean Cluster in Animation Outsourcing and Intellectual Property Development. KolCo team members will travel to the Caribbean to work directly with animation studio managers, trainers, and students in order to understand the status of their business development and their potential to succeed in the global production pipeline. KolCo team members will also assess the status of the studios’ creative talent and potential and their level of engagement in terms of developing intellectual property. In order to understand the feasibility of this initiative, KolCo team members will compare the Caribbean studios to international standards in terms of both quality of output and costs of production.

Within this consultancy, KolCo hopes to provide a thorough assessment of the existing animation studios and a targeted training plan for their future development. These analyses and recommendations will be based on in-person reviews of the studios and on experience with and knowledge of the global production pipeline. KolCo will present the findings and recommendations to the studios and donor representatives in a collaborative review process.

For news and updates on this exciting new project please visit http://competecaribbean.org/ and follow us on Twitter: @skoltai.

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