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Steven Koltai and Steve Case cited as entrepreneurship policy champions

Writing in Washington Monthly, Dane Stangler reviews recent books by KolCo Managing Director Steven Koltai and AOL cofounder Steve Case and commends their policy recommendations as “good advice. Let’s hope the new president is willing to listen.”

The piece by Stangler, appearing in the January/February issue, surveys Koltai’s Peace Through Entrepreneurship and Case’s The Third Wave and analyzes their respective policy prescriptions for elevating entrepreneurship policy at home (Case) and abroad (Koltai).

Concludes Stangler: “For both Koltai and Case, the world of entrepreneurship is much larger than Silicon Valley. By adopting entrepreneurship promotion as a dedicated foreign policy goal, and matching it with requisite resources, the United States will be safer and more secure. By adopting entrepreneurship support as a dedicated domestic policy goal—seeing government as a key partner with entrepreneurs in surfing the Third Wave—the United States will enjoy a healthier economy.”

For more information about Koltai’s book, please visit: http://peacethroughentrepreneurship.com/

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